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In this documentation, you’ll find comprehensive information on how to successfully integrate our services with your web and mobile applications.



This documentation is written with the assumption that you are familiar with APIs and can make API calls.

With our API you can access endpoints that enable you to perform actions such as payouts, currency conversion, creating and maintaining a virtual account for yourself/customers, depending on your scope.


The Fincra API is available in both Production as well as Sandbox environment. It's important to note that the sandbox environment is limited to testing purposes and deals with mock data while the production environment deals with live integrations and information.

Accounts created in the sandbox environment will not work in the production environment because the environments are different. You will have different business IDs,sub-account IDs,API keys etc

Please find the corresponding URLs below for the environments we support :


Perfect time to create an account!

For a smooth integration experience, you’ll need your API keys which you can receive by signing up on the sandbox dashboard or contacting us

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