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Currency conversation

how do i make currency conversion for my clients now that sub accounts has been suspended by you

Creating virtual for my clients

How do i create virtual account for my clients using my platform, where i am the one using fincra's endpoint and they are using my platform

Sub-Accounts not working

Hello fincra, i am working with your api but it seems your sub-accounts endpoints is no longer working, what do i do ?

Payout Error

Hi, i am trying to make a payout with the sandbox and getting this error. Everything was working fine previously. { "success": false, "error": "Unable to generate a quote. Please try again", "errorType": "UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY", "errors": "Unable to generate a quote. Please try again" }

Charges for integrating to Fincra

How much will I be charged for integrating Into Fincras payment service and pos

Webhook Notification

Hi i try to test out the webhook notifications for a checkout payin locally using a nodejs&express server with Ngrok. I don't get any notifications when a user completes a transaction using the checkout redirect.

Sub account

Please what happened to your subaccount endpoint


Each time I try using the endpoint, I get this error { "success": false, "data": [], "message": "api-key is invalid" } and if I use the base URL for the test environment I get this error "message": "no Route matched with those values"

Account keeps getting logged out.

Our account has been logs out automatically every time we log in and this has been going on for some days now.

Quote not found error

What might be the reason for this, after creating a quote and passing the exact reference to payout I am getting the error message > data: { success: false, error: 'Quote not found. Kindly do a re-quote to continue.', errorType: 'RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND', errors: 'Quote not found. Kindly do a re-quote to continue.' } Quote payload ```` {"action":"send", "transactionType":"disbursement", "feeBearer":"business", "sourceCurrency":"NGN", "destinationCurrency":"GHS", "business":"627************11fc", "amount":2, "paymentDestination":"mobile_money_wallet", "beneficiaryType":"individual"} ```` response ````` data: { success: true, message: 'Quote generated successfully', data: { sourceCurrency: 'NGN', destinationCurrency: 'GHS', sourceAmount: 2, destinationAmount: 0.024600246002460024, action: 'send', transactionType: 'disbursement', fee: 0.0004920049200492005, initialAmount: 2, quotedAmount: 0.024600246002460024, rate: 0.012300123001230012, amountToCharge: 2.04, amountToReceive: 0.02, reference: 'd4598121-a747-4b6e-95a1-2bc6ee731de6', expireAt: '2022-08-04T21:56:00.747Z' } } } ```` Payout payload ```` {"business":"627c*******1fc", "sourceCurrency":"NGN", "destinationCurrency":"GHS", "amount":"2", "description":"supplies", "paymentDestination":"mobile_money_wallet", "beneficiary":{"firstName":"John", "lastName":"Joe", "accountHolderName":"John Doe", "country":"GH", "accountNumber":"+23324536259", "type":"individual", "mobileMoneyCode":"MTN"}, "quoteReference":"d4598121-a747-4b6e-95a1-2bc6ee731de6"} ````