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wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <>

Conversion Rate

Is there an endpoint that I could hit to get current currency rate without hitting the quote endpount

Payout says insufficient funds

Hello i tried to make payout using the API it says insufficient funds while i have enough funds in it When i tried to do it from my dashboard it says access denied

How to simulate virtual accounts funding in test mode

Please I have created a temporary virtual account But my problem is how to simulate without sending real funds

Good morning. How to use your currency conversion api.

how do i make use of fincra's currency conversion endpoint

Currency conversation

how do i make currency conversion for my clients now that sub accounts has been suspended by you

Creating virtual for my clients

How do i create virtual account for my clients using my platform, where i am the one using fincra's endpoint and they are using my platform

Sub-Accounts not working

Hello fincra, i am working with your api but it seems your sub-accounts endpoints is no longer working, what do i do ?

Payout Error

Hi, i am trying to make a payout with the sandbox and getting this error. Everything was working fine previously. { "success": false, "error": "Unable to generate a quote. Please try again", "errorType": "UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY", "errors": "Unable to generate a quote. Please try again" }

Charges for integrating to Fincra

How much will I be charged for integrating Into Fincras payment service and pos