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Account keeps getting logged out.

Our account has been logs out automatically every time we log in and this has been going on for some days now.

Quote not found error

What might be the reason for this, after creating a quote and passing the exact reference to payout I am getting the error message > data: { success: false, error: 'Quote not found. Kindly do a re-quote to continue.', errorType: 'RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND', errors: 'Quote not found. Kindly do a re-quote to continue.' } Quote payload ```` {"action":"send", "transactionType":"disbursement", "feeBearer":"business", "sourceCurrency":"NGN", "destinationCurrency":"GHS", "business":"627************11fc", "amount":2, "paymentDestination":"mobile_money_wallet", "beneficiaryType":"individual"} ```` response ````` data: { success: true, message: 'Quote generated successfully', data: { sourceCurrency: 'NGN', destinationCurrency: 'GHS', sourceAmount: 2, destinationAmount: 0.024600246002460024, action: 'send', transactionType: 'disbursement', fee: 0.0004920049200492005, initialAmount: 2, quotedAmount: 0.024600246002460024, rate: 0.012300123001230012, amountToCharge: 2.04, amountToReceive: 0.02, reference: 'd4598121-a747-4b6e-95a1-2bc6ee731de6', expireAt: '2022-08-04T21:56:00.747Z' } } } ```` Payout payload ```` {"business":"627c*******1fc", "sourceCurrency":"NGN", "destinationCurrency":"GHS", "amount":"2", "description":"supplies", "paymentDestination":"mobile_money_wallet", "beneficiary":{"firstName":"John", "lastName":"Joe", "accountHolderName":"John Doe", "country":"GH", "accountNumber":"+23324536259", "type":"individual", "mobileMoneyCode":"MTN"}, "quoteReference":"d4598121-a747-4b6e-95a1-2bc6ee731de6"} ````

redirect checkout returning 500 error

Goodday, please the redirect checkout is returning 500 error message, please check. Testing with live keys > data: { statusCode: 500, message: 'Internal server error' }

Unable to generate quote

I'm trying to generate a quote from USD to NGN. This is the below response { "errorType" : "UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY", "error" : "Unable to generate a quote. Please try again", "success" : false }

Live Environment Base Url

Hello there, The base URL for the Test environment is "" What is the base URL for the Live environment? orThe Documentation for the Live environment if it is different from the test environment. Thank you.

Standard Checkout integration

Hi there, I'm integrating collections in my app with the Standard Checkout and I'm getting an error


How do I get a signature on the req.headers when implementing the webhook??? Or do I need a signature from Fincra???

Postman collection down

Your postman collection weblink is returning a 404.

Documents required for getting onboarded on fincra

Please I which to know the required documents needed for foreign currency virtual accounts creations, I sent a mail regard this but I didn’t get a reply.

Top up

Brief history of top up how it's works.