Your Fincra account can be used to send money across different countries and currencies. Fincra provides different options to match your use case. With Fincra you can transfer to bank accounts, mobile money wallets, and other Fincra accounts.

Learn how you can make payments to:

Local Payout vs Cross Border Payout

The Payout API lets you transfer money to an account in the same currency as well as to an account in a different currency. Both bank account transfers and mobile money transfers have this feature available.
You can perform these transfers both through your portal and using the API.

Learn how you can make :

Making Payouts On Your Portal

You must have a Fincra account in order to make payments from your portal. After successfully registering, all you have to do is navigate to the payout tab of the portal and make the payout. The video below will walk you through all you need to know about making payments on your portal.

Making Payouts Using Payout API

If you are technically savvy and can code in any programming language, all you have to do is follow the payment instructions to:

Note: As you can see in the video, when you try to make payments using the payout API, we ask for information such as payout schemes and destinations. In the following section, we will go over payment schemes and payment destinations in detail.

Payment Destination

This is the type of account you want to send your payments to. Find the payment destinations we currently support at Fincra below

Payment destinationAPI value
Bank accountsbank_account
Mobile money walletmobile_money_wallet
Fincra Accountwallet
Cash PickUpcash_pick_up

List Of Currencies Supported For Payouts

Please read this section to access all currencies to which you can make payouts.

Payout Status

A Payout request can have any of the statuses we support on Fincra. Please see the table below for more descriptions of the statuses we support.

1successfulThe payout is successful
2processingThe payout is neither successful or failed
3failedThe payout has failed

Beneficiary Types

A beneficiary is a person or organization whom you want to send money or make payments to

Beneficiary TypeDescription
individualAn individual that is the sole beneficiary of the payment.
corporateAn organisation or company that is the sole beneficiary of the payment.