When transferring money with our Payout API, you may choose to encrypt the payload before making the request. You'll need your encryption key (found in the Settings > API section of your dashboard) to manually encrypt the payload.


Encryption is optional and can only be used with the payout API

Here is a Node JS example of how to encrypt a payload.

import crypto from "crypto";

const payload = {
    "business": "{{businessId}}",
    "sourceCurrency": "NGN",
    "destinationCurrency": "NGN",
    "amount": "20",
    "description": "i want to sha pay money",
    "paymentDestination": "bank_account",
    "beneficiary": {
        "firstName": "Alan",
        "lastName": "Ross",
        "accountHolderName": "Alan Ross",
        "country": "ng",
        "phone": "0803443433",
        "accountNumber": "012344345",
        "type": "individual",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "bankName":"Guaranty Trust Bank"

const encryptionKey="";//get from settings page on the portal
const signature =  crypto
      .createHmac("SHA512", encryptionKey)

//add generated signature to your headers as `signature` when initiating a payout

Please take note of the folllowing :

  • Payload contains the paramters needed to process the request
  • encryptionKey here refers to the encryption key
  • signature holds the value of the encrypted payload that should be added to your headers