Setup Webhook

Our webhooks provide real-time notifications when certain events happen on your account. These events could range from a successful transaction to a failed transaction.

Some examples of events that you could be notified of include:

  • When you receive a settlement transaction.
  • When you performed a successful payout transaction.

Some examples of things you could do with our webhooks include :

  • Update your database when the status of a pending payment is successful.
  • Notify a customer when payment is successful or unsuccessful etc.

In order to receive these notifications, you need the following:

  • An endpoint on your server that will be called by us to send you notifications
  • Webhook enabled on your Fincra dashboard.

How To Enable Webhooks On Your Fincra Portal

To enable webhook, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1

Log into your Fincra dashboard. Then click on the settings page in the navigation bar, then click on portal settings from the settings dropdown.

Step 2

Go to the API keys and webhook Configuration tab on the Settings page and paste the URL of your server endpoint in the appropriate webhook URL field.

Step 3

Click the save button and toggle on the webhook switch then you are good to go.

Webhook Events 🪝.

Please feel free to read more on our webhooks and the types of events we support

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Conversion events
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Webhook Validation