Setup Webhook

Our webhooks deliver real-time notifications whenever specific events occur on your account. These events can encompass a range of activities, from successful transactions to failed transactions.

Here are some examples of events that you can be notified about:

  • Receipt of a settlement transaction.
  • Successful completion of a payout transaction.

And here are a few examples of what you can achieve with our webhooks:

  • Update your database when a pending payment transitions to a successful status.
  • Notify a customer about the success or failure of a payment, and so on.

To receive these notifications, you will need the following:

  1. An endpoint on your server that can be called by our system to send you notifications.
  2. Webhook functionality is enabled on your Fincra dashboard.

Enabling Webhooks on Your Fincra Portal

To enable Webhooks, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Log in to your Fincra dashboard.
Then, navigate to the settings page in the navigation bar.
From the settings dropdown, select "Portal Settings."

Step 2

Navigate to the API keys and webhook Configuration tab on the Settings page.
Paste the URL of your server endpoint in the designated webhook URL field

Step 3

Click the save button to save your changes.
Then, toggle “ON” the webhook switch to activate the webhook functionality.
Once done, you are all set to proceed.

Webhook Events 🪝.

Explore further information about our webhooks and the different types of events we support:

Payouts events
Collection events
Conversion events
Virtual account events

Webhook Validation

For webhook validation, you have two options depending on the type of transaction:

  • Query Transaction: Validate a webhook by querying the transaction using its reference to confirm its existence.
  • Webhook Signature Verification: Verify our Webhook signature to ensure its authenticity and integrity.