Accept payment globally with the Fincra Payin API that allows you to collect payments from your customers seamlessly.

What are Pay-Ins?

Payins are inbound payments received into your merchant account. Fincra has a vast suite of products that make up its collection service, allowing you to build a superb set of products and services while providing an excellent customer experience.

Fincra makes it easy for you to accept payments without technical experience. With just a payment link generated from your portal, you can share it with your customers to receive your payments.
If you are building a custom flow to suit specific business needs, we will advise integrating the APIs into your application system. To integrate the APIs, it would be preferable if you have technical knowledge of Rest APIs and programming languages.

How to accept payments

Our collection service comprises products and features that enable you to receive payments quickly. You can accept payments in a variety of ways, including

1 - Payment Checkout

Fincra Checkouts are secure payment pages that you can quickly integrate into your website or apps to collect payments from your consumers. Checkouts simplify building customized payment experiences for users while ensuring smoother and more secure transactions.

When your application accesses the checkout API, a modal or a new page would be displayed for your customers to complete their transactions by entering their payment information.

Checkout Integration Options

There are two options for integrating the Checkout and as their names imply, their use cases are pretty straightforward.

2 - Virtual Accounts

Fincra’s virtual accounts allow you or your customers to receive payments by bank transfers, with settlements in your balance. Fincra offers both temporary and permanent virtual accounts. Temporary virtual accounts are suitable for receiving one-time payments, while permanent virtual accounts are for consistent and regular payments.

3 - Payment Links

A payment link is a simple way to collect payments from your customers by sending them links to pay you or accept donations. A payment link can easily be generated on your dashboard.

4 - Direct Charge API

Direct Charge becomes relevant when you require increased control or a customised solution compatible with your application. The Direct Charge API provides access to all checkout functionalities through API calls, enabling you to integrate your own user interface and workflow seamlessly.