The Balance API consists of endpoints that provide information such as account balances, and the balance number, for a business. With the balance APIs, You can manage the account balance for your business.



Please keep in mind that all payments made to a business via virtual bank accounts, checkout pages, or any Fincra API product will be stored in the business account balance.

Available, Locked, and Ledger Balances

A Fincra account has three balances: locked balance, ledger balance, and available balance.

S/NWallet BalancesDescription
1lockedBalanceThis is a certain amount that is locked from withdrawing for a certain reason.e.g when a payout is initiated or when a collection is pending.
2availableBalanceThis is the amount that is available for making payouts or conversions e.g you can use this balance to make a transfer of funds from your wallet to a banking institution or another wallet.
3ledgerBalanceThis is the sum of the locked balance and available balance.

Here's an overview of how your ledger balance works. Assume your available and ledger balances are NGN20,000, and you pay your customer NGN4,000. Your available balance drops to NGN16,000, while your ledger balance remains NGN20,000 until the payout transaction is completed, at which point it drops to NGN16,000.

Your locked balance works a little differently. Assume you have NGN5,000 in available balance and NGN 0 in locked funds. If your customer pays you NGN2,500 successfully, your available balance remains NGN5,000, while your locked balance becomes NGN2,500. When the funds settle in your Fincra account, Then your available balance will be NGN7,500.