Fincra Checkouts are secure payment pages that you can quickly integrate into your website or apps to collect payments from your consumers. Checkouts simplify building customized payment experiences for your customers while ensuring a smoother and more secure transaction.

Please kindly Find a demo of the checkout page here.

When your application accesses the checkout API, it will display a modal or a new page where your customers can complete their transactions by entering their payment information.

Checkout Integration Options

There are two options for integrating the Checkout and, as their names imply, their use cases are pretty straightforward.

  • Checkout Standard: You can collect payments from your customers by implementing the checkout standard, which loads a Fincra modal and allows the user to pay directly on your website.
  • Checkout Redirect : You can securely accept payments with Checkout Redirect instead of embedding the Fincra payment gateway modal into your website. It is quick, reduces development time,  and has an added benefit - the redirect functionality.

Checkout Payment Options

Through our check-out API, you can receive payments by

  • Card
  • Bank transfers
  • PayAttitude
  • Mobile Money