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AUGUST 15 2022


We've updated our APIs, and the new endpoints in this version are quicker and more effective.

New names and updates have been made to the following endpoints:

  • /disbursements/payouts is now v2/payouts
  • /virtual-accounts/requests is now v2/accounts
  • /collections is now v2/payins.

Developers can now request virtual accounts for both main and sub-accounts from just one endpoint (v2/accounts) instead of the old scenario of different endpoints for main and sub-accounts.

Happy Integrations

NOVEMBER 9, 2022

When requesting a corporate virtual account in any currency except NGN, the KYCInformation.email email parameter is now required. This change affects the create virtual account endpoint /profile/virtual-accounts/requests

NOVEMBER 25,2022

The virtual account endpoint below has been deprecated :


Kindly make use of the new endpoint :


December 4, 2022

Requests for corporate NGN accounts now have a new parameter called bvnName . Read more here.

January 2023

The virtual account endpoints have been updated and have new changes.

  1. Addition of KYCInformation.address.number (where the individual's house number is passed) to USD, GBP and EURO Individual virtual accounts. Please note that this field is compulsory for UK residents.
  2. Addition of KYCInformation.houseId (where the business's building number is passed) to USD, GBP and EURO Corporate virtual accounts. Please note that this field is compulsory for UK residents.
  3. We now have an endpoint that makes it possible to use more than 2 currencies on a virtual account List of Accessible currencies on Multicurrency Virtual Account Endpoint. Multicurrency Virtual Account makes this seamless.

February 2023

Calculate fee on checkout endpoint was added to help calculate the fee required at the checkout point. This endpoint can be useful for currency conversion on checkout.

February 22, 2023.

Globus was added to NGN virtual account channel. This implies that clients can now request Globus virtual account.

August 21, 2023

All agency banking utillities and cashout service(card withdrawal)base url has been updated, Kindly check it out for more update

September 28, 2023

Fincra Core

  • Catering for merchants IP Addresses (IP Whitelisting) via the merchant dashboard.
  • Fincra Merchant Dashboard (Settings Module) Revamp.

Agency Banking:

  • Globus Bank domain mapping on the agent portal.

September 29, 2023

Added more banks to our list of supported banks.