Aggregator Portal

This is a portal for aggregators to manage their activities and the activities of the agent (s) under them.

  • The main user is the aggregator.
  • The aggregator gets to view and manage activities, transactions, and that of the agents assigned to them.
  • The aggregator can fund the wallet account of the agent (s) under them.



.On the portal, aggregators can view the following information:

Wallet BalanceThe balance of the aggregator
Total AgentsThe total number of agents linked to the aggregator
Account Number and BankOn the portal, the agent can make payment for cable TV
Sub UsersHere, the aggregator can view the number of sub-users created under their account.



This page shows the aggregator the list of agents and options to add or view the transactions of the sub-agents.



This page shows the list of sub-users with access to the aggregation portal with an option to add users.


Performance Report

This page displays the performance of the sub-agents such as transaction volume etc.


Wallet History

This gives information about transfers made to and from the aggregator’s wallet and the purpose of the transfers.