This API lets you create NGN and MCY virtual accounts. You’ll need to complete currency-specific fields as well as shared fields applicable to all currencies. E.g firstName and lastName are applicable to both NGN and MCY account requests while meansofID is applicable to only MCY accounts.

Virtual accounts can be created in a variety of different currencies, and each of these currencies has its own set of specifications. Take some time to go through this section to understand the requirement for each currency.


  • The meansOfId field should contain a URL to the document or the file upload.
  • Please ensure that the dateOfBirth on your request matches the date of birth of the 'BVN' provided when creating accounts in VFD or the request will fail with the error response "error": "Error occured while generating virtual account. Please try again.",
  • For NGN virtual accounts, the name on the BVN must correspond with both the KYCInfomation.firstName and KYCInfomation.lastNamesent in the payload, otherwise, the following error will be received: BVN doesn't match the provided name
  • Only requests for Individual and NGN corporate virtual accounts will be instantly approved.


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