Fetch payin for an additional account

This endpoint is used for retrieving a single collection of an additional virtual account by a reference

Here’s what the response should look like for this endpoint

    "success": true,
    "message": "Collection fetched successfully",
    "data": {
        "_id": "5893",
        "sourceAmount": 200,
        "destinationAmount": 200,
        "sourceAmountSettled": 100,
        "destinationAmountSettled": 100,
        "sourceCurrency": "NGN",
        "destinationCurrency": "NGN",
        "sourceFee": 100,
        "destinationFee": 100,
        "payeeName": "Proper ventures",
        "payeeAccountNumber": "7299944485",
        "status": "successful",
        "requiresApproval": 0,
        "approvalStatus": "approved",
        "reference": "f9121b3389-e15-409e-b588-36c6146d5823",
        "isSubAccount": 0,
        "description": null,
        "paymentMethod": "virtual_account",
        "settlementDestination": "wallet",
        "message": null,
        "payer": {
            "name": "john doe",
            "account_number": "000000000",
            "bank_code": null,
            "bank_name": null
        "initiatedAt": "2022-03-28T07:15:19.000Z",
        "settledAt": "2022-03-28T07:15:19.000Z",
        "createdAt": "2022-03-28T07:15:19.000Z",
        "updatedAt": "2022-03-28T07:15:19.000Z"

Please take note of the following

  • The Payer object refers to the sender of the money and includes details such as name and account number of the sender
  • The payee refers to the receiver
  • destinationAmountSettled is the amount that settles in the wallet / account of the merchant
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