Create a quote

This endpoint is used for generating a quote.


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Response Body

FieldData TypeDescription
sourceCurrencyStringThe currency in which the funds will be sent
destinationCurrencyStringThe currency in which the funds will be received
sourceAmountStringThe amount sent
destinationAmountStringThe amount that will be received
actionStringThe type of action that was performed e.g send
transactionTypeStringThe type of transaction e.g disbursement or conversion
feeStringThe transaction fee of the destination currency
initialAmountStringThe amount sent
quotedAmountStringThe amount that will be received
rateStringThe quoted amount divided by the initial amount
amountToChargeStringThe amount charged for the transaction , this is an addition of the fee and the destination amount
amountToReceiveStringThe amount that will be received by the recipient
referenceStringThe reference of the transaction
expireAtStringThe time the quote expires

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