A subaccount is a user created under your account. The API empowers you to handle various aspects of subaccount logistics: manage accounts, creation of virtual accounts, and so on.

Subaccount ID

The ID of your subaccount can be obtained from the Data object of a successful response when you create a subaccount or try to get all sub-accounts.

"data": {
    "_id": "621b1c7acb0e3e7249fdeff7",
    "status": "enabled",

Features Of A Subaccount

  • Payouts: Sub-accounts can make transfers to a bank account or another sub-account.
  • Balance: Sub-accounts have a different account balance that is separate from their parent's business balance.e.g if a parent business has 5 account balances in different currencies, a sub-account will have its own unique 5 account balances that are separate from its parent business balances.
  • Collections: Sub-accounts can receive money and it will be settled in their account balance.
  • Quotes: Quotes can be generated for a sub-account.

Fetch A Sub Account Balance

To fetch the account balances of a sub-account, you will need to make an API request to the get balance endpoint.