POS Setup & Integrations

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your POS application to work with the Fincra Cashout API.

1 - Get Onboarded

Before you can access the POS, you will need to have been onboarded by a Fincra representative. After a successful onboarding, you will be provided with access to the different web portals you will need to start your integrations.

2 - Purchase a POS Machine

You will receive a terminal management system(TMS) and an APK after purchasing a POS machine from FINCRA or another provider.

Take note of the following

  • TMS is a web-based application that displays a list of your POS terminals.

3 - Upload the APK to a TMS

Upload the APK to your TMS portal and share it with the terminal IDs you wish to share it with. You can get the Terminal IDs from the admin portal that was given to you.


  • Each POS is assigned a terminal ID

4 - Agent Downloads and Installs the Fincra APK

The agent logs in to the POS machine and installs the APK from the Application Manager or App Store.